Florida State president: FSU, UF need to increase tuition rate

FSU president asking to increase tuition beyond legal 15 percent

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida State University President Eric Barron says budget cuts are making his faculty a "farm team" for out-of-state schools.

Barron appeared Monday before Gov. Rick Scott's higher education overhaul task force to push for legislation that would let Florida State and the University of Florida raise tuition beyond the current 15 percent annual legal limit.

Barron said Florida's top two research universities need more tuition money to maintain and enhance their national ranking due to shrinking state support. That includes preventing their best faculty from leaving for higher paying jobs.

His appearance comes almost two months after Scott vetoed a bill that would have done what Barron is advocating.

Scott says he needs more details on what students and taxpayers would get in return for the higher tuition.

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