Grinch deputy issues onions, not tickets

Florida deputy inspired by Jim Carrey movie

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MARATHON, Fla. - A deputy in South Florida is giving drivers something to cry about during the holiday season but it's not what you might think.

Monroe County Deputy Lou Caputo is handing out onions instead of traffic citations to drivers who violate the speed limit by no more than 5 mph near an elementary school in Marathon.

Dressed as the Christmas "Grinch," Caputo handed out about 10 onions to drivers Monday afternoon.

Caputo has dressed up as the Grinch nearly every holiday season since seeing actor Jim Carrey as the character in the 2000 movie.

The radar-gun-wielding Grinch is on hand to provide a light-hearted reminder for drivers to slow down.

Drivers have the option of choosing an onion or a ticket, but nine times out of 10,  they've opted to accept the vegetable.

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