Home above sinkhole demolished

Seffner man's final resting place below his home

 37- year old Jeff Bush will have his final resting place beneath his Seffner home where he was swallowed by a sink hole in his bedroom.

His brother, Jeremy Bush said this incident will bother him for the rest of his life as he was in the hole trying to rescue him.

Jeremy added that he was thankful the rest of his family who was in the living room next door were not harmed when the earth opened up beneath their home.

Hillsborough County engineers say the ground is so unstable their only option is to demolish the home.

All the equipment is being kept near the street. A back hoe with an extended arm is being used to keep crews safe as neighboring homes are  also on unstable ground.

At this point, neighboring families are not sure if they will ever move back home as engineers believe it will take some time to figure out what other areas of the landscape are at risk of collapsing.

Crews will fill the hole underneath the Bush's home to make the area as stable as possible as family and friends turn the site into a makeshift memorial for Jeff Bush.


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