Jacksonville Jaguars fan upset over Kiss Cam

NFL fan says popular joke offense to gay population

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama caught on Kiss Cam at a basketball game.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - We have all seen the Kiss Cam at sporting events -- some of us may have even been on it.  But one Florida sports team's joke is now causing quite a stir.

Jacksonville Jaguar fan Dave Uible, 47, was at a football game when he noticed the Kiss Cam framing a pair of players from the opposing team, seemingly to get them to kiss.

Uible, who is gay, said the gag, which he didn't find funny, appears to make fun of homosexual couples' affection.

Uible wrote a latter to Jaguars owner Shad Khan about the Kiss Cam on Monday.

According to Yahoo! News, he wrote: "I am gay and I have a lot of gay and lesbian friends who are proud Jaguar season ticket holders. I'm not sure you are aware, but there is a video 'joke' called the Kiss Cam that plays at the games. Often, the bit goes like this: after showing several happy heterosexual couples kissing in the stands, the camera then pans to two opposing male players who are in close proximity and leaning toward each other – insinuating that they may do the exact same (and ostensibly wrong) thing and kiss. Hilarious, right? No, and the message is clear. Jaguars are heterosexual and approved. The opponent is 'gay,' disapproved and the butt of a crude joke. Really, why is this even at an NFL game?"

Team spokesman Dan Edwards has confirmed Khan received the letter but said they are not issuing a comment.

Uible said he doesn't want the Kiss Cam to end altogether; he just wants what he said was a homophobic joke to stop.

He also said he's still a Jaguars fan and has renewed his season ticket package.

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