Jockey develops new bra-size system

Sizes drop letters in favor of volume measurements

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Following eight years of research, Jockey claims it has created a new bra-size system that drops the alphabet in favor of more accurate volume measurements.

Research published in 2008 indicated as many as 85 percent of women wear bras that don't fit correctly.

Jockey's "Volumetric Fit System" centers around its sizing kit, which includes 10 pre-molded cups in varying shapes and a short measuring tape.

Women will first place the cups over their breasts to decide which one provides the best coverage and leaves no gaps, according to Jockey.

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After selecting the cup number, women use the short measuring tape to get an accurate measurement of the under-bust. The measuring tape consists of seven numbers -- 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42.

Women combine those two numbers to choose from one of 55 sizes of Jockey bras. For example, women will have sizes such as "1-30," "5-38," or "7-42."

The Jockey "Volumetric Fit System" kit costs $19.95. However, the cost of the kit can be refunded through a discount of the same price when buying a bra.

The volumetric bras come in five styles, all of which have no wires. Each bra costs $60 and comes in up to three colors.

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