Deputies didn't identify selves in fatal shooting

Man pointed gun at deputies, Lake County officials say

LEESBURG, Fla. - An armed man shot to death by Lake County deputies early Sunday was not the suspect for whom they were looking.

Andrew Lee Scott, 26, was shot and killed after opening his Leesburg apartment door while pointing a gun at deputies, who did not identify themselves as law enforcement officers.

Lake County Sheriff's Office Lt. John Herrell initially said that deputies announced their presence as they banged on Scott's door.  However, by Sunday night, the story changed.

"What I learned after I released that information, is that the deputies did not announce their presence because of the tactical situation -- they wanted every advantage that they had, so they didn't want to announce their presence loudly... the guy could've shot through the door, shot through the window, something like that," said Herrell.

Deputies were looking for an attempted murder suspect inside the Leesburg apartment complex and knocked on Scott's door, thinking the man they wanted, Jonathan Brown, was inside.

Deputies said Scott opened his door armed with a gun.

Scott's uncle, Billy Scott, said his nephew had no idea deputies were outside his door, and he had every right to point his gun at them.

"I believe the officer that shot him, he needs to go to jail for murder, because that's exactly what it was -- murder," he said.

Deputies said they found marijuana, two sets of scales, and marijuana pipes inside Scott's apartment. He does have a few drug-related charges on his record, but deputies said that's not why they shot him -- it was the fact that he was pointing a gun straight at them.

Deputies found Brown, 31, in the building next door to Scott's.

Deputies said he surrendered and was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

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