Man trespassed home to climb stairs that reminded him of India, Ocala police say

Man found in bathroom after climbing attic stairs

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FORE RANCH, Fla. - Ocala police arrested a man on Sunday morning after they say he trespassed a home to climb stairs that reminded him of India.

27-year-old Tushar Patel, from India, is being charged with trespassing in an occupied home in Fore Ranch.

Ocala police said they found Patel in a resident's bathroom because Patel claimed the attic stairs he found reminded him of steps in India, so he went up.

Police said homeowner Michael Herbert discovered Patel in his bathroom, holding the door knob to the bathroom door to keep it from opening. Patel seemed to be speaking another language, according to the report.

After the door was opened and Patel handcuffed, they utilized the language line to find a translator; Patel seemed to be speaking Hindi.

It was then translated that Patel claimed to be walking and saw the garage door to the home open and the attic door open too. The steps to the attic reminded him of steps in India, so he ascended them.

Police said Patel laid down to rest in the attic, getting up to use the restroom when Herbert's wife discovered him in the bathroom and went to get her husband.

Patel was taken to Marion County Jail, where his bond was set at $1,000.

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