New twist now showing up on old scam

Better Business Bureau warning consumers

ORLANDO, Fla. - Here's something you need to watch out for -- a phone call that could drain your bank account.

We're learning about a new twist on a scam that you may have heard about before.

The Better Business Bureau just sent out an alert, saying crooks are now calling people, claiming to be from the BBB, a consumer agency.

The call comes from an 876 area code, and the caller tells people they've won a $2 million sweepstakes, and a Mercedes Benz.

But to get your prizes, you have to send the caller a fee, often hundreds of dollars.

In the end, there is no prize, and you lose all that money.

The BBB is now trying to figure out who is making those calls.

But remember, no legitimate sweepstakes will ever ask you to send them a fee if you win.

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