Official Super Bowl coin still has Brevard origins

Melbourne's Highland Mint has made coin for more than a decade

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MELBOURNE, Fla. - The Highland Mint in Melbourne flips out this time every year.

That's because it's a chance for the company to take center stage at one of the most watched sports events in the world – The Super Bowl.

According to Local 6 News Partner Florida Today, for more than a decade, The Highland Mint has made the coin that is used in the opening toss to see which team gets the ball first.

That coin ends up in the football hall of fame in Canton, Ohio. The company then sells commemorative copies of the coin to the public.

Until last year, the coin toss had never yielded the same result over five consecutive Super Bowls. The 2013 toss result was the fifth "heads" in a row. Oddsmakers say that makes "tails" a favorite for this year's toss

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