Central Florida districts sound off on guns in schools bill

ORLANDO, FLa. - Guns could be coming to schools across the state if a proposed law is passed allowing one person at every school campus to have a gun.

Florida House Bill 753 would allow districts to appoint one faculty member to carry a concealed weapon.  The idea is to have the person step in, in the event the school ever has an active shooter.

The bill has in its language it would be an option for districts, not a mandate.  Sublette says Orange County would opt out.

"I don't believe our school will go for putting firearms in the hands of administrators in our schools," said Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette. "We feel very very strongly that only trained law enforcement officers should have firearms in our public schools."

Orange County schools currently have armed resource officers that are sworn police officers and deputies at high schools and middle schools daily. Armed officers are on a rotating basis at elementary schools.

"I'll be candid with your viewers, I'll be shocked, shocked if any major school district in Florida put firearms in the hands of their administrators," said Sublette.

Local 6 reached out to every school in the Central Florida district and found that most disagree with the bill.

Volusia school officials say they are in favor of armed resource officers and deputies only and Lake County appears to be split.

"They would know how to handle a weapon. They would know when and how to disarm a person," said Lake board member Bill Mathias.

The Seminole County superintendent said he will not support the legislation and a spokesperson for Osceola County says the board has not discussed the issue and hasn't formed a position.

Local 6 didn't receive a response from Brevard, Marion, and Sumter counties.

The bill still has to have a vote in both the House and Senate.

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