Charges filed on teen who pointed laser at pilot

Orange County chopper pilot hit with laser

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County deputies said they have filed charges on a teen who pointed a laser at their helicopter pilot.

Deputies said one of the Chase Units was flying near State Road 408 near Powers Road, when the pilot was just struck with a laser in his night vision goggles.

Deputies said he and his observer had a general area of where the laser was transmitted from and began searching for the suspect.

Deputies said while they were on a third orbit over the area, the pilot was once again hit with the laser.

Deputies said they were able to discover that it came from North Observatory Drive.

They located three people in a yard on Observatory Drive where the pilot said the laser appeared to come from, deputies said.

The observer followed the people and directed patrol in, deputies.

Deputies were able to find the three on the ground and discovered it was a 13-year-old that shot the laser at the pilot.

The laser was recovered as evidence, and charges are being filed on the teen. This is the second incident this week.

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