Child finds live grenade in Orange County back yard

Military investigating after authorities find 2nd grenade

CHRISTMAS, Fla. - A 7-year-old boy discovered a live grenade Saturday while digging in a back yard in Christmas.

The incident happened at 911 Fort Christmas Road.

Orange County deputies said the discovery was made around 2 p.m.  Deputies said they later found another grenade on the property and detonated both of them.

Carol Dodaro told Local 6 her grandson Riley was digging in the yard at the time. He played with the rusted pineapple-style grenade, then brought it inside to show his grandfather, she said.

Riley's grandparents immediately took the grenade from the boy and reported the discovery to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Dodaro said she couldn't believe what her grandson found and called it a miracle that the device didn't explode.

Deputies said they responded to the call and immediately shut down the area, including Llewellen Road.

Deputies said they discovered a second grenade after they detonated the first one, which they described as old and rusted.

The Army Corps of Engineers was called to investigate where the devices could have come from, deputies said.

According to authorities, the investigation is in the hands of the military, which will work to determine if there are more devices in the area.

Dodaro told Local 6 they have a new "no digging" rule at their house.

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