Mosquito control division out in full force

Orange County: Complaints higher than normal

Orange County used all seven trucks and their air support until 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning to help control the mosquitoes.

According to Orange County Mosquito Control Division, typically they're still spraying this time of year, but not to this extent.

Normally this time of year, they get about 20 call complaints, but Thursday they received 180.

The recent rain and warmer temperatures are to blame for creating a perfect breeding environment for the mosquito, said officials.

Mosquito control divisions across Central Florida have been working hard this week. They plan to do the same next week and believe it should be back to normal as long as the area doesn't receive much more rain.

Nearly 75 percent of complaints turn out to be something residents are causing themselves, like standing water around the yard or gutters that need to be cleaned out.