Orange County firefighter saves his father

Father collapses, firefighter son administers CPR

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer

ORANGE COUNTY - AN Orange County firefighter was using his day off to help his 67-year-old father with yard work-- and ended up saving his life.

On May 25, when the father and son went inside for a break from the heat, Earl Ball suddenly collapsed with a heart attack.

"I am an Orange County firefighter," Shawn Ball told 911 dispatchers. "I'm pretty sure my dad is code right now and I'm doing compressions."

Shawn sprang into action, calling 911 immediately and beginning CPR.

"I was thinking I don't want to be the one to tell my mom and my son," Shawn Ball said.

EMTs said Shawn saved his father's life. It took less than four minutes for firefighters and paramedics to make it to Earl's side, and five minutes later, he had a pulse.

"When someone's heart stops, seconds matter," said Orange County Fire Chief Otto Drozd.

"I tried not to think about that. Obviously it creeps into your head," Shawn said.

Earl Ball was taken to the hospital, and released a few days later.

"I'm still feeling the effects of it. He got one over on me and I'm actually grateful," Earl Ball said.

Shawn said he's just happy his father will around to celebrate Father's Day with. He said that's the best gift of all.

"We still have our father. It doesn't get any better than that. It's like the winning lottery ticket."

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