Rainbow Loom bracelets banned in some Central Florida schools

Star Child Academy, Lake Silver Elementary have bracelet-restricting rules

ORLANDO, Fla. - The wrists of elementary and middle school students are lined with Rainbow Loom bracelets, but in Central Florida the popular do-it-yourself hobby and the bracelets are sparking ire of school administrators.

The bracelet kits consist of a plastic loom and sets of colored rubber bands, which can be arranged into intricate patterns.

Lake Silver Elementary school in Orange County and Star Child Academy in Apopka have policies restricting the craft bracelets. 

At Lake Silver, the principal has banned students from wearing the bracelets, according to a district spokeswoman.

Star Child Academy says the bracelets can be worn by students, but they'll be confiscated if they play with them or trade them during class time.

"I think they should be able to wear the bracelets," said Kemlyn Herring, whose grandsons are obsessed with the bracelets. Herring does agree that they shouldn't be made during class time.

Principals say they've had issues with the bracelets becoming a distraction and taking away from the learning process in the classroom.

"They're going to want to mess around and not really pay attention to what's going on in class. I think [the ban] is good. I think the principals and teachers are doing what's best," said Lake Silver parent Mindy Racliff.

School districts in Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties tell Local 6 they have no policies on the bracelets and don't know of any issues with the trend.

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