Seniors wait to get on Meals On Wheels list

Waiting list grows to nearly 500 people

Orlando, Fla. - The waiting list for seniors wanting to get involved in Meals On Wheels continues to grow and with less funding and more of a need it has many concerned.

Irene Kober has been on a waiting list for Meals On Wheels for over a year.

"She told me it would be a long time before they get to me," Kober said Wednesday.

The 94-year-old could still have a lot more waiting to do. The waiting list of nearly five hundred people keeps growing while the nonprofit group is getting less funding.

"I saw a number of people who had been on the waiting list for two years, one year, the longest that we saw was nearly six years," Cathy Edwards with SeniorsFirst said Wednesday.

So while Kober's pantry is bare, it's a similar sight inside the organization she's depending on for help.

"I was really shocked at how the emergency pantry has gone done in the last two to three months because we had it packed," Edwards said.

Edwards says there are more seniors in need and fewer seniors being removed from the waiting list.

"Clients who get help stay on for a very long time so we have to know the funding is there to support them," Edwards said.

Kober realizes those topping the waiting list are in desperate need, so she will continue to wait patiently until it's her turn.

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