Washington Nationals may move to Osceola County

Commissioners in talks about baseball facility

The Washington Nationals are in talks regarding the location of their spring training. Because they are not renewing their lease in Viera, it looks like the team might be moving to Kissimmee in 2016.

The reason the Nationals are looking to move elsewhere for spring training is rooted in their desire for a new facility.

"We are not in a position in Brevard county to burn the taxpayers with another 20, 30 million dollars to upgrade our city when we're closing schools and trying to repair roads," said Andy Anderson, Brevard County Commissioner.

In a meeting on Monday, Osceola County officials discussed spring training plans, but details could not be revealed due to a confidentiality agreement.

As of now, Osceola County officials have not yet come to a decision as to whether they are willing to shell out the money for a new facility.

"My perception is we're getting ready to be asked to spend 20, 30, 40 million dollars," said Frank Attkisson, Osceola County Commissioner.

Osceola County residents are questioning whether the money spent will be beneficial to the economic development of the county.

"I don't believe they should appropriate money for a new stadium without county residents having a say one way or another," said Larisa Roderick, Osceola County resident.

On May 30, Osceola County commissioners will hold a workshop to discuss spring training plans, and whether or not they will build or renovate a facility for the Washington Nationals. This meeting will be open to the public.

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