Patients pleased with new laser facelift procedure

LazerLift only being done in select U.S. locations, including Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. - There's a new cutting-edge technique in Central Florida that doctors say can reverse the signs of aging.

It's called LazerLift, and it's only being done in a handful of places around the country, including Orlando. But even though it's new and rare, doctors and patients say the results are stunning.

"This is the first time that we're using a laser for this type of situation, to give patients a facelift," says Dr. Roger Bassin, a plastic surgeon in Orlando.

The new laser technology promises to melt fat and tighten your skin, without burning you.

And with a price starting at $3,500, doctors say it's about half the cost of a traditional facelift.

"This is great for patients who are noticing the beginning signs of aging, who really aren't ready for a surgical facelift, even if they wanted one," says Dr. Bassin.

He's one of the few plastic surgeons in America working with LazerLift. He says this is not considered surgery because there's no cutting, and you don't have to be put to sleep.

"A lot of my patients will literally drive themselves here and drive themselves home and they're done, and that's it," says Dr. Bassin.

In fact, he says the only part that comes close to surgery is when three small holes are punched in your skin, behind your ears and under your chin, so the laser can get through.

But he claims patients barely notice those holes.

"The face skin heals so quickly that they seal up over the course of a day or two," says Dr. Bassin. "So we don't have to put any stitches in. They seal up and there's no evidence of anything ever being done there."

Local 6 was at Dr. Bassin's office in Orlando to see LazerLift in action.

55-year-old Leslie Skillman says she had the procedure done to help her compete in today's tough job market.

"I'm not ready for total surgery, I just want something that kind of freshens me up and takes care of the gravity with my jowls and my chin and all of that," says Skillman.

Dr. Bassin began by marking the areas on Skillman's face where he would be working. And once he got started, the whole thing only took about 20 minutes.

Skillman says she felt some pushing and pulling during the procedure, but almost no pain.

"You're pretty much done in a couple days, you're able to go off and look for that job or go back to work, whatever," says Skillman.

Doctor Bassin admits that LazerLift does come with some side effects.

You have swelling and bruising for three or four days, and you have to take antibiotics to prevent an infection.

But in the end, he says that beats the two-week recovery period you would have with a surgical procedure.

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