Charges dropped against Polk County girl in cyberbullying case

Katelyn Roman no longer charged in suicide death of Rebecca Sedwick, attorney says

By Michelle Dendy - Web Editor

ORLANDO, Fla. - The state of Florida has dropped all charges against Katelyn Roman, one of the girls accused of cyberbullying a 12-year-old girl, who committed suicide, according to Roman's attorney.

Attorney Jose Baez held a news conference on Wednesday to announce the dropping of charges.

"We're extremely disappointed in the actions carried out by the Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd," Baez said before thanking the state attorney's office for professionalism and dropping the charges.

Baez said he thinks the charges were dropped against Roman because of the lack of evidence and said that his client was only responsible for a schoolyard fight with her former best friend. He called Judd's office bullies for "parading the mugshot of his client all over national TV" and "painting her out to be a hardened criminal."

Judd held a news conference after Baez on Wednesday.

Local 6 has reached out to the state attorney's office for independent confirmation on the dropped charges, but has not yet heard back.


Brian Haas, a spokesman for the State Attorney's Office in Polk County, told the Associated Press Florida law prevented him from commenting on the details of juvenile cases.

It's not clear if charges will be dropped against the other teen arrested in 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick's death, Guadalupe Shaw.

Roman and Shaw were arrested last month on felony charges of aggravated stalking after Rebecca Sedwick jumped to her death because, deputies said, she was cyberbullied by the girls for more than a year.

Rebecca, of Lakeland, jumped to her death from an abandoned cement silo on September 9.

Baez is known for representing Casey Anthony in her 2011 murder trial.

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