Florida city tries to chase vultures from water tower

40 turkey vultures nesting at tower; low-voltage tracks to shock birds

LAKE ALFRED, Fla. - Officials in Lake Alfred want to evict some 40 turkey vultures that have been nesting on the city's water tower.

Last week, the city commission accepted a $20,332 bid from Terminix to encourage the vultures to move to another location.

Turkey vultures are a protected species, so the city can't do anything that will harm them. Terminix plans to install low-voltage electric tracks around the tower to shock the birds without hurting them.

The Ledger of Lakeland reported the vultures took up residence on the water tower eight months ago. While they can't harm the water supply, officials say they can damage the tower.

Public Works Director John Deaton said "people don't want to see buzzards on their water tower."

When they're gone, officials will clean the tower.

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