No bond for 2 accused of raping woman, dousing her with bleach, cops say

Victim's son, husband tied up before attack

POINCIANA, Fla. - Two men armed with guns and a machete have been arrested after Polk County deputies say they raped a woman and poured bleach over her body after the attack.

The pair forced their way into a home of a 20-year-old man and tied up his father, then raped his mother and cleaned her off with bleach after the attack, Polk County sheriff's deputies said.

Richard Delgado Cruz, 33, of Kissimmee, was arrested on charges of armed robbery, armed burglary of an occupied dwelling, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and sexual battery.

Danny Delgado Cruz, 29, also faces the same litany of charges after he was finally arrested Thursday evening.

Both brothers were given no bond at their first appearance Friday afternoon.

The home invasion happened Monday night and deputies said the brothers approached the 20-year-old while he stood outside a house on Puffer Court talking on his phone and forced him into his mother and father's house, officials said. Once inside, the men demanded money and jewelry, according to deputies, and then forced the son to tie up his father, then bound the father and son together while they attacked the mother in another room.

The younger Cruz was arrested near his home in Kissimmee, after neighbors and family friends said he only was caught because he returned home and confronted his brother's live-in girlfriend.

"I guess she had just walked into her house and he was standing in the front entrance," said Jackie Silvernail, who lives next door and considered the brothers friends. "She screamed, 'Get out of my house!' He ran out the back door and she said he had left a note that said, 'I know I have done something very horrible, but please help me.'"

Kissimmee police caught the younger Cruz just a few doors down from his own house.

"Absolutely horrible. Unbelievable," said Silvernail. "We would never have suspected this ever, ever of them. "I'm very thankful that they didn't break into our home and do these things to us."

Silvernail fears what else the brothers may have done and said in the past 10 days, four homes were burglarized, including her own. She said she told the brothers her family was leaving and that night they were robbed.

"We have four children so we're glad we were gone for the night," she said.

Kissimmee police told Local 6 they're investigating to determine if the brothers are responsible for the burglaries in their own neighborhood.

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