Real soldiers take on Zombies in Miami

Soldiers to lead locals on Zombie attack mission

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
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MIAMI - In just days zombies will be coming to South Florida.

It's all part of an elaborate violent video game that's being brought to life. The program and the people putting it on are quite unique.

As our CBS affiliate in Miami reports, it's as real as warfare gets – minus the chance of being shot.

Thee company is called Adventure Combat Ops, essentially blending the world of video games with the real thing.

The men leading the missions are real life delta force, seals, Army Rangers, Marines and other elite military group members with dozens of employments all over the world.

Far from the battlefield, they now take their expertise into the civilian world. Though their new venture, people can pay to be a weekend warrior of sorts, suiting up with the actual gear and guns used in special operation missions right now. And don't worry, the guns fire air-soft pellets.

After an hour of professional warfare training, one team is put into the quote-game.

Miami's story will involve zombies. The zombie attacks and ensuing missions are being planned around the country. The first mission will happen in Miami, November 8-10.


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