Father of Trayvon Martin adds voice to help black men, boys

Tracy Martin gives opening remarks at newly formed caucus

WASHINGTON - Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin's father, was in the nation's capitol Wednesday to address the verdict and gun violence.

"We want members of congress to hear we are the voice for Trayvon," says Martin. "My message to the world is that we won't let this verdict sum up who Travyon was. I vow never to give up the fight to fight for him."

He spoke at the Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys talking more about the foundation they are starting in his memory.

"We're going to advocate against senseless crime, against senseless gun violence, were gonna have mentoring programs and educate our community on the FL statues and the Florida laws," Martin said.

But Martin also spoke from the heart as a dad still struggling with the loss of his son.

"Just to have your son's life taken away from you when you've molded him to be an outstanding citizen of this country, it's heart-wrenching," Martin said.

He also praised President Obama on the comments he made last week about the president's experience with racial profiling sparking what he says is a much needed conversation on race in America.

"Just to have the president of the united states comment on our situation it really touches home," says Martin. "It sparks the conversation in every household over the dinner table."

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