Shelter rescues 23 mistreated dogs

SANFORD, Fla. - An animal shelter in Sanford rescued 23 dogs on Sunday.

The dogs were found in the home of Richard Orlowske, a former animal shelter volunteer who ran a make shift shelter out of his home called "Save my Tail".

Judy Sarullo told Local 6 she found out 40 dogs were squeezed into crates, four and five at a time, surrounded by feces and without food or water.

The dogs had been living in horrible conditions in Rhea, Tennessee. The man who had the animals was a former animal shelter volunteer who was arrested for animal cruelty, authorities said.

"I would honestly would put him in a cage and let him sit in the same fecal and urine for days, for weeks with no food or water and see what he thinks life is all about," said Sarullo.

The group of pooches arrived at Pet Rescue by Judy at 7 p.m. Sunday. Sarullo and her team heard about the horror through a friend and took in 23 of the dogs, beginning the difficult task of nursing them back to health.

A couple of dogs have broken or fractured bones. Others have hair loss and are malnourished. But with help from the community, Sarullo says she's is certain they'll recover.

"The group's name was 'Save my Tails', but Pet Rescue by Judy will save their tails because they'll be loved, they will be cared for and put in wonderful, loving homes."

Sarullo told Local 6 her shelter will look for the good families they deserve once they're adoptable.

The shelter says they're in need of cleaning supplies, wet dog food and toys.

For more information about the shelter, visit Pet Rescue by Judy's web site.

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