Sheriff's Office apologizes after deputies storm into wrong home

Deputies sought suspected burglar, were on wrong street

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

CASSELBERRY, Fla. - The Seminole County Sheriff's Office has found itself apologizing to a Casselberry man for mistakenly storming his home earlier this month.

Ron Carter said three deputies walked into his home one afternoon with their guns drawn.

"I came out of the bedroom with a book in my hand and I noticed a police man -- a Seminole County Sheriff's deputy -- standing there with his gun drawn," Carter said. "There was another one standing to his side with his gun drawn, and then there was one by the door frame with his gun drawn."

Those three deputies were ready to take out a suspected burglar, according to a Sheriff's Office spokesperson. The problem was they were at the wrong house.

The deputies were on East Lauren Court. The Sheriff's Office said they should have been on West Lauren Court.

"They looked at each other and went right out the door, got in their cars and left," he said.

Carter said he was somewhat relieved they made the mistake, but he was even more relieved at the fact he didn't draw one of the two guns he owns.

"I carry a couple guns. I'm licensed to carry them, and if I had walked out of my bedroom with one of those guns instead of my book, what would have happened?" he said. "There could have been a big problem there."

Local 6 asked the Seminole County Sheriff's Office how the deputies could have gotten the address wrong. It turns out the department didn't know it happened.

After some investigating they told Local 6: "We have reviewed the incident, counseled the deputy involved, and will take appropriate steps to prevent such a situation from occurring again."

The watch commander also paid a visit to Carter on Tuesday and personally apologized for the intrusion.

Carter said he appreciated the apology, but there's one thing he appreciates more.

"I'm glad I walked out with (my book) in my hand and not one of my pistols."

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