Target CEO apologizes in full-page advertisement

Letter to customers printed in Monday's Orlando Sentinel

ORLANDO, Fla. - Target's CEO promised to protect customers from future retail data attacks in a full-page advertisement printed in major newspapers -- including the Orlando Sentinel.

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The ad, printed on the back page of the A section of the Sentinel, outlines the company's plans to regain the trust of its customers and prevent criminals from gaining access to credit and debit card information.

"It is our responsibility to protect your information when you shop with us," said CEO Gregg Steinhafel. "We didn't live up to that responsibility, and I am truly sorry."

Steinhafel lists the steps his company has already taken to "respond to concerns and guard against something like this happening again."

  • Closing the access point to the company's system and removing the malware
  • Hiring data security experts to find out how the attack happened
  • Making sure customers have zero liability for fraudulent charges
  • Offering one year of free credit monitoring to all customers

Steinhafel expresses his frustration and embarrassment with the holiday season security breach.

"I know this breach has had a real impact on you, creating a great deal of confusion," Steinhafel wrote. "I share those feelings."

Steinhafel says Target will work hard to earn back the trust of its customers.

"We are determined to make things right," Steinhafel wrote. "And we will."

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