Victoria's Secret ends mastectomy bra development

Company: Bra too 'complicated' to sell

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Despite pressure from nearly 130,000 shoppers, Victoria's Secret says it won't try to make a new line of lingerie for women with mastectomies.

The call for a special line of bras started with a petition by Allana Maiden, a Virginia woman whose mother beat cancer and has been cancer-free for 21 years.

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Maiden claimed women who undergo mastectomies find shopping for bras to be "discouraging, time consuming and frustrating." She argues many women struggle with their body image following the surgery and insisted a "Survivor" line from Victoria's Secret would help women feel comfortable and sexy again.

However, on Monday, Victoria's Secret released a statement saying it would not attempt to create the "Survivor" line. A spokesperson for the company said it would be too complicated to fit and sell mastectomy bras.

The spokesperson said the best way for Victoria's Secret to support its customers battling cancer would be to continue funding cancer research.

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