Video: Teen injured in football recruitment stunt

19-year-old attempts to jump over moving car in Palm Bay

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Palm Bay teenager, trying to jump over a moving car to impress football recruiters, didn't make it and was critically injured.

[WARNING: Video above may be considered graphic]

Bladimir Barreto, 19, had to be airlifted to Holmes Regional Medical Center with several broken bones and head injuries.

His mom told Local 6 they are not leaving his hospital bedside. Barreto has 89 stitches in one leg and hasn't woken up since the crash.

In the video, Barreto is seen running toward the moving car and attempting to jump over it. Instead, he was hit and thrown over the car.

Barreto's 17-year-old brother Jerome, was driving the car near Palm Bay's Knecht Park Wednesday evening, while another brother, Giovanny, caught the terrifying crash on camera.

"I feel really bad for them, I know they weren't expecting that at all," said long-time neighbor and friend, Cameron Tennant.

Tennant went to West Melbourne Christian Academy with the Barretos and is shocked by what happened.

"I mean he's always doing stuff like that and he's always getting it right, so I guess he just got over confident," said Tennant.

It's a stunt perhaps made most famous by Kobe Bryant. Millions of people have now watched him jump over a moving Aston Martin on YouTube and plenty of other people have attempted similar jumps.

Palm Bay police said Barreto wanted to record his jump, hoping to impress college football recruiters.

"He was an athlete, the kid could run up the side of a building, do all kinds of crazy flips, he was just that phenomenal," said Barreto's next door neighbor and family friend, Chops Moyer.

Police said charges are pending against Jerome Barreto for driving without a license and possibly reckless driving.

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