Dramatic home video shows tornado form o

Officials: Storm damages 30 homes, some potentially uninhabitable

Officials may soon decide whether a tornado caught on dramatic home video is what damaged 30 homes in Edgewater.

Some homes were damaged so badly, families were forced to leave their homes in the Terra Mar Village off of U.S. 1.

None of the families Local 6 interviewed knew exactly what hit them, but many said they believed it was a tornado.

Few people saw what hit from Drew Cavanaugh's viewpoint. He shot the dramatic amateur video that showed a tornado develop, then cross U.S. 1 as he was driving along the highway. The video shows the tornado only lasted a few seconds and it's unclear if it ever touched the ground.

"I was screaming. It felt like a train. It sounded like a train," said Wendy Sheehan, as she stood outside her untouched home, wondering how it was spared.

All across her neighborhood, homes were damaged. Officials said 30 were damaged, some were considered uninhabitable.

"It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life," said Pete Marzo, who grabbed his parents and little girl and ducked for cover.

When families walked outside Monday evening and saw the devastation around them, they said it was the worst 30 seconds in their lives.

"I cried and I cried," said Marzo, who like many residents said it was too dark to see what actually hit their neighborhood, but said it certainly felt like a tornado.

Don Pringle and his son barely had time to take cover before winds ripped off his roof.

As he surveyed the destruction to his home, he told Local 6, "We're grateful we're here."

Officials said nobody was seriously hurt, only a scraps were reported.

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