Effects of Beryl keep beachgoers away

Rip currents still major concern along beaches

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Daytona Beach, Fla. - Storms and lightning chased beachgoers away on Memorial Day in Daytona Beach.

The storms even caused the beach to be closed at one point Monday.

For what is normally one of the busiest beach days of the year, Memorial Day was a wash out.

With the effects of Tropical Storm Beryl churning up the ocean, it created dangerous swimming conditions with strong rip currents.

"As the surf calms down, it will look more and more inviting to go out into the ocean, so it's easier to go out and people tend to take chances," said Volusia County Beach Patrol Captain Scott Petersohn.

The wet weather was a relief for lifeguards who have been working overtime for the past two days.

"Saturday, we had 150 rescues and Sunday we had some rescues where one of our lifeguards was even injured. She's okay now, but that's what happens with big crowds," Petersohn said.

The holiday started out with hundreds of people packing the sands Monday morning, but the weather quickly turned sour and beachgoers scattered for cover, running away from the sand and finding comfort indoors.

Others tried to wait out the storm, patiently watching for hours, hoping for a break in the clouds that never came.

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