Grocery store employees call 911 on man who appeared drunk pushing cart

DEBARY, Fla. - Employees at a Debary Winn Dixie called 911, Thursday, after they saw an intoxicated man pushing a shopping cart with a 5-year old girl inside.

Volusia County deputies said Adam Macker, 33, was erratically pushing the cart around the store, running into things and could barely keep his eyes open.

Deputies said at first Macker claimed he was just tired but then told them he drank some wine earlier in the day in addition to taking double the recommended dosage of his anti-anxiety medication.

The employees in the store told deputies they started following him because they were worried he was going to get into a car.

One employee called 911.

"He can't even push the cart straight. He's running her into different things. He's about to fall over. I don't know if he's high or drunk or what. I don't know if there's anything you can do but I don't want him to leave the store with the child, she said.

Deputies said Macker admitted to driving to the store.

He's facing child neglect charges.

DCF said they are investigating to ensure the safety of the child.

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