More questions arise after dash camera video released in Marlon Brown's death

Local 6 uncovers new video, talks with officer who killed Brown

DeLAND, Fla. - The public is asking more questions a day after the dash camera video from the cruiser of the DeLand police officer who struck and killed Marlon Brown was released.

[VIDEO: (Warning: Content may be graphic)Dash cam shows cruiser hitting Brown  | READ: DeLand police chief's statement ]

Krystle Brown, ex-wife and mother of Brown's three children, released the video at a news conference Wednesday with attorney Benjamin Crump. They criticized a grand jury's decision not to charge Officer James Harris.

On Thursday, Local 6 spoke to Harris, who was fired for breaking DeLand Police Department policy, and asked him what was going through his head when he drove down unarmed Brown.

"Sir, can you just get off my property?" Harris replied.

"If you saw someone drive like that, would you consider that reckless driving?" Local 6's Tony Pipitone asked.

"No comment," Harris replied.

Harris did say as far as he's concerned the investigation into his actions in May 2013 is over.

"I was like the chief, I was very saddened by the video as I think many would be but I think that needs to strengthen our resolve to do better in the community," said City Manager Michael Pleus.

Brown was fleeing a Volusia County deputy who tried stopping him for a seatbelt violation, then crossed paths with DeLand police, who are not supposed to chase suspects for a minor offense.

Meanwhile, Local 6 uncovered another video from the night Brown died, recorded minutes before he was pulled over.

The video, from Officer Justin Ferrari's patrol on May 8, shows him assisting Harris at the traffic stop before Brown was killed.

In the video, after he pulls over a woman and drives away, he says that the woman is probably hiding something and uses profanity followed by a derogatory slang term for women's anatomy.

"Yea, I'm sure she had probably something in her ***ing ****," Harris says in the video recording.

Krystle Brown said the new video is troubling.

"He's supposed to be protecting us, this is what he's thinking of us," she said. "To use that kind of language, demeaning, and then, you know, like I said, maybe he's carrying over those feelings to the next stop-- its something that should not be overlooked."

Marlon Brown would be 39 years old on Thursday and Krystle Brown said she and her attorneys are preparing to bring all video and evidence to the governor, hoping he'll appoint an independent prosecutor to look at the case.

"If it was your loved one that you saw directly runned down by anyone you would want justice," she said.

DeLand police have not commented on the remarks in the video.

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