Ormond Beach boy bitten by rattlesnake

Boy bit by pigmy rattlesnake on his 12th birthday

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Like most boys his age, Stevie Klioze loves playing in the woods and collecting outdoor critters.

He has a bearded dragon and two geckos in cages in his room. He says he loves to catch snakes and has been doing it since he was about 5-years-old.

"Ever since I was little, I really loved snakes," Stevie said Friday.

On Monday, Stevie turned 12 and was out with his friends in the woods near his Ormond Beach neighborhood when he came face to face with a poisonous snake.

"I noticed it immediately. It was a large female pigmy rattlesnake, so I decided I was going to catch her," Stevie said.

He grabbed the snake using a snake stick and then picked up the snake with his hand.

"I looked away for one second and the next thing I knew is the snake bit me on my finger and it didn't hurt," Stevie said.

He said he's been bitten before dozens of times but this was different.

"The only way I knew venom was in me was because my finger was swelling like a party balloon," Stevie said.

Not quite the birthday party he might have had in mind.

Stevie spent the rest of the day in the hospital but didn't seem to mind.

"I've always wanted to ride in an ambulance," Stevie said.

Doctors told Stevie he was very lucky, and that most of the snake bites they treat are much worse.

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