Video released in Orange City Walmart shoplifting, shooting

Shooter says he was defending himself after shoplifter tried to run him over

ORANGE CITY, Fla. - Orange City police have released the video of a man opening fire in a busy Walmart parking lot as he tried to stop a shoplifter from driving away.

Video shows Eddie McKee, 42, shoplifting nearly $250 in meat at the Walmart  on Veterans Memorial Parkway on Friday, taking off when security confronted him and knocking down a woman, according to police.

Seconds later, you see Jose Martinez, 35, run after McKee and try to open up the McKee's car door as he drives away. Martinez then fired five shots, shattering the back window and piercing the trunk of McKee's car.

"It was a very dangerous situation," said Jason Sampsell of Orange City police department. "The manager was in front of him while he was shooting. He could have been hit. He put everyone in danger."

Martinez told Local 6, he was defending himself from a shoplifter who nearly ran him over and injured him.

"The guy put me in danger and other people," said Martinez as police hauled him off to jail Wednesday evening. "He tried to run me over."

But police said Martinez only was bumped by the McKee's getaway car because he was chasing after the car and even tried to open the door to the moving vehicle before he opened fire.

Several other people chased after the alleged shoplifter, McKee, and another man was armed but he never drew his gun. McKee was arrested in DeLand shortly after.

Martinez said to Local 6, he thought nobody else was in danger by his gunfire and he was surprised police arrested him. Martinez started opening fire because he said he wanted to mark the suspect's car as he fled from the scene.

Martinez has his concealed weapons permit but has been charged with two felonies, aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle. He faced a judge on Thursday and was given a $7,000 bond.

McKee has bonded out on misdemeanor charges.

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