Volusia mom arrested after bringing 1-year-old to hospital with broken arm

Deputies say woman changed reason for child's broken arm several times

DeLAND, Fla. - A woman was arrested on Monday for child abuse after bringing her one-year-old to the hospital with a broken arm.

Rubicelia Perez, 24, told officials the reason her daughter's arm was broken was because she was learning to walk and she fell. She also said her daughter did not immediately cry, but when she started to crawl, she appeared weak, and took her to the emergency room soon after, according to the report.

The doctor who saw Perez's daughter at DeLand Memorial Hospital, said the injuries, which possibly required surgery, were not consistent with the story told and that it was likely due to an act of abuse.

Deputies said the doctor described the injury as being similar to an arm being clamped with something and torqued severely enough to break both bones in the forearm.

After officials heard feedback from the emergency room doctor, they questioned Perez again. She then changed her story, saying that the child fell off the couch while playing, according to the report.

Police then proceeded to Perez's home, accompanied by her sister-in-law. Officials said they found nothing near the couch that could have caused such a severe break and that the carpet she said the child fell on was thickly padded.

After returning to the hospital, Perez said she may have picked her child up by the arms when she took her outside to calm her down after falling off the couch, deputies said.

Perez also insisted the injury was worsened by crawling after the incident, which the report states the doctor did not agree with.

When questioned about the inconsistencies in her story, Perez said she was scared for her child's life.

Perez was arrested on child abuse charges and transported to a the Volusia County Branch Jail.

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