Fountain of Youth in a bottle?

Doctor says patients show improved health after taking Product B

The path to eternal youth may be in a dietary supplement called "Product B."

The blend of vitamins C, E, B-12 and plant extracts, is supposed to activate the enzyme that extends the life of telomeres, the DNA that protects our chromosomes.

Dr. Robert Watine, a board certified specialist in internal medicine, says he has documented more than 400 patients who presented positive health results after taking Product B.

Watine operates the Southwest Florida Medical Center for Age Management in Port Charlotte, Florida.

He says he was skeptical about the supplement at first, but realized the common link to his patients' improved health was Product B.

"We've only changed one variable, and that's giving them this."

Watine says patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardio issues and kidney disease have shown surprising improvement after taking the supplement.

"Their disease processes have gotten better by objective data I use to assess a patient," he said.

Product B is the star attraction of multi-marketing giant ISAGENIX.
The supplement was first introduced in 2011 and was an instant success because of its pedigree.

The science is based on 2009 Nobel Prize winning research that discovered the significance of Telomeres and why we age.

Dr. William Andrews, a PH.D. in genetics , has been developing the formula that he says "activates" telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens telomeres and in theory , extends the life of cells.

45 year old Stacy Cartwright says she looks and feels better than she did in her 30's because of Product B.

"My physiology has changed 100%, you can see it in my blood work ,"she said. "I used to have a sluggish thyroid, I don't have those issues anymore."

Product B can be purchased at

To date there is no clinical evidence that the supplement extends the life of Telomeres, but doctors say individual medical results have been promising.

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