Fresh pressed juice gaining popularity in Central Florida

Juice bars offer healthy food, fast

By Paul Giorgio - Producer

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. - Your mom may have told you to eat your vegetables, but how about drinking them? Juicing is catching on in Central Florida.

A number of juice bars have opened recently with some struggling at times to keep up with the demand of new customers looking for a quick and easy way to get healthy food, fast.

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At 220 square feet The Juice Bar of Winter Garden may be small, but the drinks they make pack a punch.

Owner Deborah Fitzgibbon opened the store four months ago. She said customers range from the curious to the health food savvy.

"I like to think it's an awakening more than a trend," Fitzgibbon said. "Anything that's good, people want to be a part of. I think that's why it's growing."

Fitzgibbon offers cold-pressed juices, custom juices and wheatgrass shots, all made from organic ingredients like kale, celery, cucumber and ginger.

Fitzgibbon said that by turning your vegetables and fruits into a bright green juice, you end up stripping away much of the fiber. What's left is easily absorbed by your body -- all those vitamins, minerals and enzymes go straight into your system.

She said juicing is a great way to supplement your diet, especially for those who don't get enough whole fruits and vegetables. Fitzgibbon warns, however, juicing should not be considered a substitute for whole foods.

"I still think having fruits and vegetables in your diet is very important. You want the fiber," Fitzgibbon said. "You want the variety."

As juicing continues to gain in popularity, Fitzgibbon is happy to educate new customers who come in with a curiosity for those bright green drinks.

"None of us have the secret sauce. It's all fresh fruits and vegetables blended together, and you find what works for you."

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