Gas prices on the rise in Central Florida

Average price at the pump $3.19 in Orlando, $3.25 in Daytona Beach

ORLANDO, Fla. - Gas prices are slowly rising in Central Florida on Monday after a refreshing dip into the low $3 range.

An average price at the pump is around $3.19 in Orlando and $3.25 in Daytona Beach--about 10-cents more since last week, but lower than the national average of $3.38 a gallon.

Statewide, the prices spiked 7-cents in a week, making the average price in Florida $3.26.

Analysts with AAA say the European sanctions being imposed on Iran and the ongoing European leaders agreeing to a plan to save the Euro could be what's spiking the prices. The ongoing debt crisis in Europe could also be the culprit, analysts said.

Local 6 spoke to residents who said the increase is hurting them, but they're glad it's not as bad as it once was.

"It could be worse like it was two years ago when it was $5 a gallon for diesel that's when unfortunately small business owners like me really take the hit," said Chris Morrena, who says his pickup truck tease diesel fuel, costing $100 to fill up.

When asked if the rising costs of gas affected their trips, some residents said it was causing them to change their vacation plans.

"Either you spend it on airline tickets or gas, either way they get you," Morrena said.

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