George Zimmerman asks to be released from GPS monitor

Zimmerman charged with shooting, killing Trayvon Martin

ORLANDO, Fla. - Attorneys for George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman charged with shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, filed new motions on Friday, just days before Zimmerman's hearing next week.

In the 8 new motions, Mark O'Mara asks the court to relax restrictions preventing Zimmerman from talking with witnesses, including his friends and former neighbors.

O'Mara also asks Zimmerman can be released from GPS monitoring and be allowed to travel throughout Florida. Currently, Zimmerman is under a court order to stay in Seminole County except when visiting his lawyer.

According to the motions, the defense wants interview even more witnesses who could identify whether that voice calling for help in the background of the 911 call was Zimmerman's or Martin's.

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The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty, claiming the shooting was in self-defense.  He said Martin, who was not armed, was beating him up when he fired his gun.

Zimmerman's murder trial is scheduled to begin in June, although a so-called "stand your ground" hearing, based on Florida law that allows someone to shoot to kill if they feel their life is in danger, will be held earlier.

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