George Zimmerman defense reveals evidence

Trayvon Martin's killer shows cards to prosecutors

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SANFORD, Fla. - George Zimmerman's defense plans to use surveillance videos, evidence receipts, warrants and video of Zimmerman surrendering to authorities as they fight the state's claim that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin.

Those were some of the items listed on Friday in a notice to prosecutors filed by Zimmerman's lead attorney, Mark O'Mara.

The defense is also seeking records from ABC News regarding an interview the Martin family attorney did with a key witness in the case last March. At least one ABC News employee witnessed the telephone call with Witness 8, a young woman Martin was talking to on the phone as he was being followed by Zimmerman on the day Zimmerman shot Martin to death.

Zimmerman, charged with second-degree murder, claims he acted in self defense after being attacked from behind by Martin.

In his motion for a subpoena of ABC News, O'Mara claims he has received recordings revealing less than half of what was said in a 26-minute telephone call. "There are several 'starts' and 'stops' and other obvious edit indicators" on the recordings turned over by Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, the motion states.

The motion to subpoena ABC News records has been set for a Feb. 5 hearing.

The defense already has other potential evidence in its possession and today notified the state of what it might rely on both at trial and at a self-defense immunity hearing, where Zimmerman will seek to have the charge dismissed, based on his self-defense claim.

The items include:

  • Surveillance video from a Sam's Club, Kohl's and apartment complex -- all nearby the Retreat at Twin Lakes complex where Zimmerman lived and Martin was killed
  • A Crimeline report regarding an unidentified 8-year-old potential witness
  • A letter from former state attorney Norm Wolfinger requesting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to assist in the case (before he recused himself and a special prosecutor was appointed)
  • The entire Sanford Police case file Wolfinger's office turned over to FDLE
  • FDLE warrants, subpoenas and affidavits seeking Martin's cell phone and its records
  • Various evidence and property receipts.

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