Getting Results Award winner teaches life skills on the ice

Scott Glazier uses love of hockey to teach kids life lessons

By Paul Giorgio - Producer

MAITLAND, Fla. - Scott Glazier is this week's Getting Results Award winner.

Glazier, assistant director of youth hockey at RDV Sportsplex, is using his lifelong love of the game to teach life lessons to his young players.

On a recent visit the the Ice Den in Maitland,  50 to 100 kids, ages 8 and younger, could be seen skating in all directions as they competed in season ending games. 

"It looks chaotic," Glazier says. "You have to embrace the chaos, embrace the mistakes. You learn the skills in that environment that no matter what they encounter they can function within that chaos." 

Glazier says he volunteers at least four times a week at the rink in Maitland. Fellow volunteers say he's one of the games biggest promoters in Central Florida.

"He has such a big heart," says practice coordinator Allie Davis. "I can honestly say if we didn't have Scott, this wouldn't be the same program."

On a typical day, Glazier can be seen skating back and forth, crossing temporary barriers that divide the rink into quarters. He's constantly helping players with everything from lost water bottles to making sure others stay focused and play with sportsmanship. He seemingly knows every player by name, even though most are covered head to toe in heavy padding. 

He offers both praise and constructive criticism. Both with the same guiding voice.   

"The consistency, the discipline, the structure. Those are the things that we build into every level of the sport," he says. "It ultimately pays dividends to every one of these kids down the road," he says.

Glazier, who grew up in Detroit, says some of his best memories are of playing the game as a kid. He says hockey culture is unique and that it helped shape who he is today. He says he just wants to give that same experience to kids in Florida.

"This isn't about winning and losing. This is about an experience. This is about taking a moment in that child's life that they're never ever going to forget," he says.

He says the level of play here in the Sunshine State is on par with what's happening up north. The sport is growing here and he's happy to be a part of that.

 "Ultimately our whole purpose here is not to build a pro level athlete," he says with conviction. "Our purpose here is to build an amazing citizen."

More information on youth hockey at the RDV Ice Den can be found here

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