A gift guide for the most extra pet parents out there

If you can't give your pet the world, consider some of these items

By Brianna Volz - Web producer

Hopefully you've done all your shopping for the important humans in your life. Now, let's talk about what really matters -- what you'll be getting your precious pooch or favorite feline for Christmas.

Obviously we'd all love to give our pets the world -- even though they're too good for it -- but if we have to narrow it down to a few options, there are some items you should know about.

See the full list of the most extra items you could gift your furry friend this year below.


1. Shed Defender

Not only will this stylish suit help keep hair off your furniture, but it can also reduce your dog's level of anxiety and serve in place of a medical cone, according to the company. It comes in various colors and sizes to fit any and all pooches. Your dog is snug and you can cut back on the lint rollers -- it's a win-win.
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2. Solvit PupSTEP + Plus Pet Stairs

Is your pup getting older and having a harder time jumping up to snuggle? Or maybe you're looking to help them skip the hard work and get straight to the cuddles. Either way, these steps may be your dog's new BFF. 
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3. PetChatz HD and PawCall

We've all seen cameras that let you watch your dog at home while you're on the go, and even the ones that spit out treats at the press of a button. This digital doggy day care makes those set ups seem amateur. For a few hundred dollars, your dog can now call you at the press of a paw. You'll never have to miss them (even though you still will) with this system, which offers a camera and microphone on each end. Two-way communication with your pup -- anytime. Need I say more?
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4. Wisdom Panel Canine DNA Test

Nothing can change the fact that your pooch is your baby, but if you are curious about their background, this DNA test for dogs may be the best way you can better understand your pet, where it comes from and why it does some of the things it does. This is especially interesting for anyone looking to know more about their rescued pup. 
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5. Petsfit Wooden Pet Bed

You may prefer your dog sleeping with you, but just like people, they need some personal space here and there. Let your pooch live like the king or queen they are in this castle of a bed, with two stories, stairs and an overall lovely design. You can make it even more homey for them by decorating it to match their room -- if you're that extra. We hope you are.
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6. Holiday-themed BarkBox

From reindeer antlers to seasonal squeak toys, holiday edition BarkBoxes cover every base when it comes to spoiling your dog this Christmas. The Grinch-themed treats are delicious and the chews are sure to keep your pup busy for at least a moment or two. For the stronger dogs whose toys don't normally stand a chance, you can spend a few more bucks for a Super Chewer Box.
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7. Custom dog plush


Custom plushes made to look like your pet can be ordered through FlatBonnie on Etsy. Photo: (FlatBonnie/Etsy)

What will keep your pup better company when you're not home than a plush that looks just like them? This shop on Etsy lets you send in pictures of your dog to handmake a plush version of them. The only thing better than your dog is having two of those sweet faces -- this one is probably just a bit less messy. (Bad news: You just missed the deadline to order a plush and receive it by Christmas, but they have other custom items in the shop, including pet charms, jewelry and key chains. If you still want to order the order plush, I won't tell your pup the holiday has already passed. They deserve gifts every day anyway.)
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1. Petsfit Indoor Pet House

Windows, doors and a set of stairs really make this kitty cat dream home, which is complete with a sun bathing roof your feline is sure to love. Cats can be cozy in this condo, but still feel like every day is a vacation with all the extra space.
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2. Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy

Your cat will stay busy all day with this entertainment system. With a diamond-shaped laser that randomly rotates to keep them running around, you'll never have to wonder if they've gotten enough exercise. 
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3. SportPet Designs cat Christmas tree

What better way to get your feline feeling festive than with this cat tower Christmas tree. It can even be decorated with cat toys that double as ornaments to get in the true holiday spirit.
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4. Highland Farms Christmas stocking

Sometimes all a cat needs is a stocking full of holiday-themed toys. This 12-pack of festive feline toys has candy canes, snowflake-covered mice and puffy balls galore.
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5. Petty Love House cat activity center

Your kitty can stay put while having the time of its life under this cat activity center. Toys hang from the top of it while your cat lays back and swats away at them. It makes comfort possible while they're exercising and can easily be packed up and stored when the fun is over.
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6. JAXPETY cat wooden house

This is like a kitty dream house for the cat that dreams of spending its days outdoors. With steps to climb and lots of space to explore, your cat will easily wear itself out while enjoying some beautiful weather. It's also fully covered to make sure your cat doesn't wander off. It's basically the best of both worlds when it comes to indoor vs. outdoor cats.
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7. Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box

Maybe your cat is potty shy and needs a little privacy in the litter box. This top-entry litter box offers them just that, as well as plenty of space. It may also be a great gift for you as the human who will have an easier time changing the litter, thanks to the pop-off lid and fitted liner in the box that can easily be removed.
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Treats for you

While you're shopping for everyone else, don't forget to spoil yourself a bit, especially if it means filling your house with presents that pay tribute to your beloved pets.

Here are a few items all pet lovers need:

Custom wine glasses, coffee mugs

Obviously you can't drink with your pet, so enjoying a glass of red with your precious pup's face on it is as close as you're going to get. You send a picture of your pet to the shop owner, and just like magic, she paints their portrait onto your new favorite glass or mug.
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Custom pet pillows

Custom pillows made to look like your pet can be ordered through ShebboDesign on Etsy. Photo: (ShebboDesign/Etsy)

If your pet isn't in the mood to be little spoon, you're not completely out of options if you have a pillow that looks just like them. The pillow can even be a comfortable new addition to the living room couch they rest on while you're away. It's like a Fathead -- but of your favorite furry animal and much more useful. 
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Personalized pet art


Everyone needs a portrait of their pet hanging high in their home. This Ohio-based artist pretty much nails the whole pet art thing with lifelike sketches she makes special for each custom order. She can also do family portraits if you happen to need some art showing off your favorite humans.
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