Girlfriend of shooting victim begs gunmen to come forward

Video released shows vehicle involved in shooting near ORMC

ORLANDO, Fla. - Video released by Orlando Police shows the car they believe the shooter was riding in when a man was gunned down near Orlando Regional Medical Center on Monday night.

20-year-old Alex Mazzan died after being shot near ORMC while walking back to his car with his friend after the two visited their friend in the hospital, according to Mazzan's girlfriend, Briana Skiles-Wadkins.

"They were just trying to basically duck behind vehicles that were in the area to try to save their lives," she said.

Skiles-Wadkins says someone in the white Nissan started shooting after an argument.

"While they were walking down in the road, they were telling him, 'get out of the road jit get out of the road jit,'" she said.

She says her boyfriend did verbally fight back before he was hit with at least one bullet.

[WATCH: Girlfriend of shooting victim begs gunman to come forward]

His friend, RJ, started flagging down cars for help, as the Nissan sped off.

"He had to drag him in the road and signal for help, he had to bang on one of the corrections vehicles just to get him help," she said.

Mazzan was rushed to the hospital but didn't make it.

He worked for a tree service company in town, and leaves behind an 18-month old son, Beau.

Skiles-Wadkins hopes the man and woman police believe were inside the car with the shooter, turn him in.

"Please, please, please, please don't be scared to say something and speak up," she said.

If anyone has information about who was driving the Nissan, police are asking them to call Crimeline at 1800-423-TIPS.

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