Group beat up 67-year-old man, stole bike, Orlando police say

7 to 8 juvenile males sought in robbery

ORLANDO, Fla. - More than half a dozen teens chase down a man and beat him up just to take his bike and some little money from him. The attacked happened Monday night near LB McLeod Road and 29th Street in front of Catalina Elementary School.

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Jimmie Thompson, 67, says he was heading home and riding his bike across the street at Clear Lake Park when he was attacked by seven to eight teens.

"One of them said, 'you, come here,'" said Thompson. "That's when I knew something wasn't right."

Thompson says he started to pedal faster toward his house, but the teens started to follow him. That's when he told police that one of the teens on a bike caught up to him, grabbed his bike, and pushed him over. He says the teens attacked him and hit him with a tree branch.

"I went down and I was laying on my back and my side and they were kicking me and smacking me," said Thompson. "They kept kicking me and kicking me."

The teens then took off and Thompson was able to call 911. He says the teens got away with his $500 black and gold 'Gary Fischer' bike and his bike pouch, which Thompson later found empty in a nearby dumpster.

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Thompson managed to get away with only a scrape on his knee. He says the teens also got some change and a couple of bank cards.

He says he has some advice for the teens responsible.

"Stay home, get some books, get a life. Learn your history and stop running the streets acting like a fool."

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