Guide to picking out a Smart TV

What to know before buying and how to get a good deal

By Eryka Washington - Investigative Reporter

Most people Local 6 spoke to didn't know if they have a "Smart TV" let alone how to use it.

Bill Santi said he isn't sure if he has a Smart TV.

"I get access to the internet through my television; does that make it a Smart TV?" Santi asked.

Penny Turner has a Smart TV but says, "I still need instructions working the remote but lucky i have teenagers and they find it very easy."

Sedric Fowler installs home theaters, mostly Smart TVs and is not surprised customers are confused.

"For the typical person that buys a Smart TV they usually can't catch on right away," Fowler said. "The biggest disconnect is just grasping the idea that the computer is on the TV."

Good news-- the Smart TV has gotten smarter and much easier to use at a $4,000 price tag.

Check out the hottest television to hit the market--it's called 4K. The 4K offers four times the resolution of 1080p and has twice as many pixels both horizontally and vertically, meaning "razor sharp images."

You also don't even need a remote to change the channel.

"The smarter the TV you buy the easier it is to use," said Don Murray of Best Buy.

Check out what it can do-- there is a little camera built on top of the television that reads your signals. By swiping your arm you can change the channel. By placing your hand over what you want to watch, simply squeeze your hand and let go--just like that, you've made your selection.

The remote is more like a mouse pad.

"I can literally slide my thumb just like you would on a regular track pad, and it moves through functions down here," Murray said.

It also acts like a microphone and voice interactive. Murray says the TV also learns what you like to watch.

"As you start to select certain type of movies it's going to make recommendations based on what you like to watch," Murray said.

Of course you can watch movies, TV shows and surf the Internet.

There are tons of social media apps and you can always download new ones. You can also view videos and pictures from your phone on the TV.

Sedric believes the manufacture listened to what consumers had issues with and made improvements.

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