Harris Rosen criticizes security at UCF dorms after planned campus attack

Founder of Rosen College, hotelier calls for 'military style inspections'

ORLANDO, Fla. - Numerous Central Florida leaders called for a security increase at University of Central Florida at the Board of Trustees meeting Thursday after a former student living on campus planned and attempted to execute a shooting attack earlier this week.

UCF police were given a round of applause for the department's handling of the suicide of 30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran, a UCF business major who wasn't enrolled in the spring semester and was in the process of being evicted when the campus attack was plotted.

Harris Rosen, a well-known businessman in Central Florida, hotelier and founder of the Rosen College of Hospitality and Management at UCF, criticized security on campus at the BOT meeting.

"The RAs have a responsibility. Their responsibility is to make sure that those apartments are inspected," Rosen said, adding that his son lives in Tower 1.

Rosen said the school should conduct military style inspections.

"If the resident refuses the campus police should be called, and then they should have have the jurisdiction to open the closet or the box," Rosen continued.

But trustee Ida Cook says the university has to balance the need for safety with the students' right to privacy.

"Students also have rights and I think we need to look more closely at what the rights of the students are," Cook said.

UCF President John C. Hitt pointed out the guns and explosives that Seevakumaran had could fit easily into a backpack.

"You could have done 50 inspections or 100 inspections and that individual still could brought those items to his room on one trip," Hitt said.

Also on Thursday, UCF officials released records from Housing and Residence Life, which included notices from the department to Seevakumaran and a sample housing contract. Students living in campus residence halls also received a letter this week.

Authorities are still searching for a motive in the planned attack, focusing on computer searches. UCF Police Chief Richard Beary said officers are looking to the Internet to see if they can learn anything else about Seevakumaran's plot, which was found scribbled on notebook paper in a timeline format. Police released the note on Tuesday, in which Seevakumaran crossed off each item on the list as it was completed, with the last thing on the list being "give them hell."

Video was also released that shows officers storming Seevakumaran's room, where he was found dead, along with a picture of the rifle found in Seevakumaran's dorm room as well as the a floorplan of his dorm room.

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