'Hero' bus driver smashed by falling pole

Driver steers bus to safety with ruptured spleen

CHINA - A chinese bus driver is being called a hero for steering a bus to safety after a falling lamp post smashed through the windshield.

Bus surveillance video shows Mao Zhihao notice the falling lamp post just seconds before it falls over, shattering the windshield and slamming into Zhihao.

When the pole hit Zhihao, it ruptured his spleen. The pole narrowly missed the driver's head.

Zhihao was briefly pinned down by the pole and his seat belt. However, he managed to free himself, grab the steering wheel and direct the bus into a guard rail in order to slow the bus down.

The bus eventually came to a stop. The 26 passengers on board were unharmed.

Zhihao was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his ruptured spleen.

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