HOA legislation passes Senate Rules Commitee

New law would mandate registration

Proposed legislation designed to provide accountability for Florida homeowners associations passed the rules subcommittee Wednesday in Tallahassee setting the stage for a possible vote by the House and Senate before the session ends May 3.

Reaction to the proposed bill has been positive.

Jan Bergman former member of the HOA task force under Governor Jeb Bush calls it
" home owner friendly."

"This bill is the foundation for further reforms in coming years," Bergman said.

State Sen. Alan Hays, Republican from District 11, sponsored Senate Billl 580 after receiving complaints from constituents outlining alleged misuse of power by H.O.A. developers.

According to Hays,one of the most controversial charges came from the family of a woman who had died but was still being billed for monthly cable TV charges by the developer in charge of the home owners association.

Hays' office also received reports that convicted felons were in charge of several H.O.A.'s.

The "strike-all" version of the bill that passed the rules committee Wednesday is not guaranteed a full vote this session.

A spokesperson with Hays' office says the staff is "trying to get the legislation on the Special Order Calendar as soon as we can."

Under the proposed legislation, "The community association manager or management firm, or the association when there is no community association manager or management firm, shall report to the division by November 22, 2013."

It also addresses the criminal issue stating that "a director or officer charged by information or indictment with a felony theft or embezzlement offense involving the association's funds or property is removed from office."

An identical version of the Senate bill has been proposed in the house.

Bergman says he expects "clear sailing" on both measures.

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