Holiday gift giving guidelines

What you should buy or for whom should you buy?

ORLANDO, Fla. - If you want to recognize those important people in your life who may usually get overlooked, you can do it in one stop without breaking the bank.

"These jar candles are all three just $4.99," said Kendra Ferguson, an IKEA local marketing specialist.

Gift givers can get great gifts, all for under $20.

"You want to have some 'just in case gifts' in case someone gave you a gift and you don't want to be empty-handed," Ferguson said.

You can prepare yourself in one stop at many stores. IKEA offers three rectangle vases for less than $10 or picture frames for a few dollars each. They make great gifts
for teachers or babysitters.

"We want to make sure to take care of the people who take care of your kids and think about their development all day," Ferguson said.

Don't want to leave out co-workers, neighbors or mail carriers?  You can pick up a new apron and potholders for less than $15.

To keep you warm in the chilly air conditioning, you can snuggle up with a throw
blanket for just $4.

Shoppers will need the IKEA family discount card, which is free, to receive the savings on many of the gift ideas.

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