Homeless man accused of groping girl at Universal Orlando

Police report says man groped 14-year-old while waiting in line

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police say they arrested a homeless man after a 14-year-old girl accused him of groping her while in line at a popular ride at Universal Studios Orlando.

According to the police report, Carlos Marino Guia, 48, got in line behind a 14-year-old girl as she and her family waited to get on a Simpsons ride. As she sat on a railing, a witness said they saw the "suspect bend over, as to attempt to look up the victim's shorts" and then "in an obvious way, stuck his face onto the victim's buttocks."

"You'd hope that something like that wouldn't happen, but if it does, it's obviously something that is going to anger you," said Sonia Bettridge, who visited Universal with her family.

The girl said she felt the man touch her inappropriately, and when her family asked Marino what he was doing, they said he grew confrontational, said the report. The family ran for help from the ride attendant, but by then, Marino had disappeared.

Universal security finally caught up to him, saying he was trying to hide himself in the crowd.

After this incident, parents said they would like to see more cameras, and visible security manning the lines at Universal Studios Orlando.

"They should have some security cameras in the line. Yes, that would be upsetting to me as a mom," said Jennifer Carrier, who had a stronger reaction when she heard the allegations. "I would probably turn around and hurt the guy back if he were to do it to my daughter, who is 10 years old."

Local 6 asked a Universal spokesman about cameras and about the security at the lines. They told Local 6's Shaun Chaiyabhat that Universal does not comment on "police matters."

Marino Guia remains in jail and faces a charge of lewd or lascivious conduct on a person under 17 years old.

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